jedUPDATE 2016: On Nov 26, 2016, I received the very sad email from Jed’s loving family. They had to let him go after a short illness from a tumour in his lung. We called Jed our Rockstar, he lived a life larger than life. He would come bounding in our home, as if to say “I’m HERE, betcha missed me?” as he raced to our back door to go play! 🙂 He brought a lot of joy and laughter to our lives every time we had the pleasure of caring for him. We enjoyed the countless hours of ball silliness, from retrieving, to games of hockey in the garage, and him playing goalie in my en-suite as I tried to kick the ball past him! He was always so good at his game! A great dog he was and we will always remember and miss him!

March 2013: This is Jed!

I love this dog!

He was to arrive this morning but yesterday his family got a call saying that their 6pm flight got bumped to a 7am one, so to avoid the early morning, I went and picked him up last night.

Two things about Jed is he LOVES balls and LOVES snow, and we happen to have lots of both. As soon as we arrived home he found himself a ball and it started. We played in the snow until I couldn’t take it anymore and Jed was looking frosty! Jed would play for hours, he loves it that much. He is one of the few dogs that we can play ball toss indoors with, because he never misses a catch! He stands a few feet away and pushes the ball to me or drops it in my lap, and then I toss it and he catches. Sounds simple but it’s enough to entertain him and I for quite sometime. I do wonder if he would ever get bored if I didn’t eventually say, “that’s enough Jed.”

What makes Jed great is that he loves life, he really doesn’t walk anywhere that his tail is not wagging happily – Jed believes every day is going to the best day ever!

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  1. Kelly

    Jed is an awesome dog. One of my favourites for sure!