No Guarantee!

caesar-and-dieselWe originally started dog sitting in our home for family and friends and when we decided to expand it was several months that we would only dog sit for one family at a time. How things change once you get attached to a dog and can’t see them being anywhere else than with you!

It’s mostly smiles and furry 4-legged friends around my home. Occasionally I have a floor of muddy paw prints, or something chewed that wasn’t supposed to, but the rewards of spending each day with happy dogs makes everything worthwhile. I really can’t see myself not dog sitting. It’s become a way of life, and yes, it’s work, but I enjoy it so much!

Here I plan to share some random thoughts of a dog sitter. I can’t guarantee this page will be kept up-to-date, I have the best intentions, but much less time. What I do guarantee is to make every dog that comes to visit us feel comfortable and loved – that is easy!