Our Shady Girl

ShadyUPDATE 2016: We haven’t cared for Shady for 3 or more years now, she moved away with her Mama and now has a toddler to watch over. We do miss her and think her often.

February 2013: She’s not really ours… she is bonded to her real Mama like nothing I have seen before but she spends a significant amount of time with us due to her owner having to travel for work.  She feels much like one of ours, in that we know her so very well.  She is calm, gentle, kind, intelligent and so very loyal! (I’ll get to just how loyal!)

When I first met Shady over a year ago I was slightly intimidated.  Her alert and beautiful face, those grand ears, her couple deep woof woofs to say hello.  She had my attention and later I’d learn she’d steal my heart in a unique way.

Shady is extremely loyal.  I believe her loyalty lies with whom is her master at that time…obviously her owner when they are together, and at our home… it isn’t me.  At first this bothered me as I felt she didn’t like me, until I began to understand her more.  When she arrives at our front door she often gives me a woof as she sails right past me looking for Troy.  She will follow Troy around everywhere, she is his shadow, his greatest admirer, her days revolve around him.  When he leaves the home without her she will patiently rest by the door until his return.  She will not relocate to a comfy bed, instead she will lay on the hardest of floors waiting and waiting, for her day to become complete with his return.  We always make her a comfy bed at the door, because this is what she does, this is her devotion and she deserves to be comfortable!

When Troy mows the grass, Shady follows him on the tractor, up and down the yard, back and forth, it’s her job to keep watch over or keep him company!  When we walk with the other guests she can sometimes be slightly protective as she prefers to be the only Shepherd walking right next to him.  She may woof woof at another dog trying to herd them away to keep their distance.  Most dogs are not concerned, they prefer to sniff around or play games with the others, so her wishes are respected.

Shady is a little aloof with strangers, it takes her a bit to warm up, she is not going to be the dog pushing at your arm for attention – that’s Caesar!

When Shady isn’t completed engrossed in her duty to her masters, she does come to me to seek some affection, butt scratches and a good brushing which she loves.  I get some kisses but I am not fooled by this situation, she is the clever canine having her needs met and in turn showing me just enough love to make me feel good.  It’s fine by me, she holds a special spot in my heart because I truly respect her for her intelligence and understanding of the humans in her life.  After spending so much time with a GSD, it’s clear why they are a comrade and partner to many law enforcers.