Caring for Your Pet

We try to follow your schedules, but generally dogs adapt very well to ours.

Meals are morning and evening, but if your dog is used to food always being left out, we can offer food more frequently.

We are not a dog kennel, your dog will not be housed in a crate or kennel with limited interaction. They are in our home, free to enjoy with us. Cuddles on the couch, and if allowed, I don’t mind sleeping on the edge of the bed to squeeze one more on! We are a cozy home atmosphere!

When we must be absent from our home, we ensure the dogs are well exercised and due for a rest before departing.  We try to keep our time away to about 3-4 hours maximum. During this time our regular guests normally stay in our home, with our dog however, this freedom is based on our judgement depending on how well we know the dog, their social skills, activity level, and the number of dogs we have in our care at that particular time. If requested, or necessary for any behavior/excessive activity or training issues, we can keep your pet in a large secure pen or crate during these short periods.

These decisions are discussed together, you tell us what your pet is used to and we will try to accommodate what will work best to keep everyone safe and content.

Calgary Canine Care