What to Bring


Calgary Canine Care dogsit toys

– Please provide sufficient enough food for the entire stay (perhaps a little extra should your return be delayed.)

– If we require additional food, we will attempt to purchase the same brand. Reimbursement + additional fee may be applied.

– We accept food in either a storage container or the bag, however please refrain from bringing excessive amounts of food for a short visit due to the limited space we have to safely store the food away from the dogs reach.

– Raw food is accepted – please advise in advance.

– We provide occasional treats, however, if your pet requires something special, then please bring some so your pet is not left out.

– We do not require you to bring bowls. Most dogs in our care are fed at elevated feeding bowls, and they will use the same bowl for their stay (sanitized regularly) but if you feel your dog may eat more consistently from the bowl they use at home, feel free to bring it.


– We provide the comfort of several dog beds, so it is not necessary you bring anything, but if you feel your dog is attached to something and it will make them feel more comfortable, then feel free.

– If this is your dogs first stay with us, having an item with their own home scent may make them feel more at ease. While you may bring a dog bed or a blanket, unfortunately we cannot be responsible if the item does become damaged by another guest. Alternatively a towel that you or they have slept with at home for a few days may provide security and we can easily lay it over a dog bed.


– Crates are not required although if your dog is attached to one they use at home and you feel they would be happier having it, you are welcome to bring it.

– If your dog does require a crate for house training or other reason, please advise us of this. We do have a few large pens that are used to assist during feeding times, however they are open and available for any dog to use as they wish.  Some dogs prefer to use these as “their” den.